Integration with Python / Google Sheets and Excel

1. Python

2. R package

3. Google Sheet

We have now an addon for google sheet:

a. Create a new Google Sheet

b. Select Tools > Script Editor

Google Sheets inetgration API

c. Delete the content of Code.js

Google Sheets inetgration Stock Market API

d. copy this script: in the code.js

Google Sheets inetgration Stock Chart API

d. Paste it into the code.js

e. Modify the code by changing this part:

if (!data[row][column]) {
if (row < 2 || hasOption_(options, "noInherit")) {
data[row][column] = "";
} else {
data[row][column] = data[row-1][column];

into this:

if (data[row][column] == null) {
if (row < 2 || hasOption_(options, "noInherit")) {
data[row][column] = "";
} else {
data[row][column] = data[row-1][column];

Google Sheets inetgration financial API

f. Rename your code "ImportJSON"

Stock Chart APISEC API

g. You can now go back to your google Sheet

h. In A1 type =IFERROR(IMPORTJSON("", "/", "noHeaders"), IMPORTJSON("", "/", "noHeaders”))"))

Excel integration API

i. Or for financials you can type in A1: =IFERROR(IMPORTJSON("", "/", "noHeaders"), IMPORTJSON("", "/", "noHeaders”))"))

Excel Add on API

j. you can now replace the "YOUR_API_KEY" by your API key and query other stocks and any endpoints on the documentation.

4. Excel

We have now an excel add on on the microsoft store:

For Excel 360 and more recent Excel versions:

1. save the attached "manifest.xml" to your local drive

2. open the file below in the Excel Online (you should be signed in) or desktop Excel 365

3. call menu Insert, select Office Add-ins in the toolbar, upload My Add-in, press Browse, select downloaded "manifest.xml", press Upload

4. call menu Home, select FMP Show Taskpane in the toolbar

5. enter your FMP API key

6. enter 3 in the input below

7. press Save

8. find the formula =FMP.FX(B1) refreshed every 3 second

The manifest file to download: manifest.xml

Open an Excel workbook and Go to Developer –> Add-ins –> Excel Add-ins.

In the Add-ins dialogue box, browse and locate the file that you saved, and click OK.

Now the add-in has been activated.

The file to download is: FMP_v1.0.1

And some visual explanation for the installation: Click here

Institution/fund manager stock information filed with SEC

A fund manager is responsible for implementing a fund's investing strategy and managing its portfolio trading activities. The fund can be managed by one person, by two people as co-managers, or by a team of three or more people. The main benefit of a investing into a fund is that a professional investor is paid to optimize your return based on your risk profile. Using you can find out who this person is and then research the quality of their work. Here’s how:

1. To search for the fund manager or institutional holdings, you need to know their CIK numbers, the CIK numbers are given by the SEC to identify the individuals or companies while filing financial statements.

2. The following steps can guide you through the process: (Let’s use Soro as an example):

a. Log in

b. Scroll down the page until you see :

Financial Statement API Excel inetgration

c. Click the link as the above arrow pointed to

d. The page will become this:

Excel inetgration stock data

e. In the address bar: replace “Berkshire” with “Soro” and press Enter, the following screen will appear:


f. Copy the cik number, in this case, it is going to be: 0001029160, then go back to the 13F section , scroll down to the “13F” section and click the link below:

Excel 13F

g. Copy the above the link (arrow pointed to) onto the address bar, and replace the “49205” number with the CIK number you just copied, in this case it is: 0001029160, please make sure the other parts of this link are stay the same, then hit enter

h. You will see the following content appears:

Excel income Statements integration

i. The above page shows the soro’s portfolio filed with the SEC, copy the link as arrow pointed to.

5. Data Extraction to Excel sheet:

a. We will use the Excel 365 to demonstrate the data import

Excel balance sheet Statements integration

b. Open the Excel 365, click the “Data” tab, and click “From Web”

c. Paste the link into the box that appeared int the excel sheet

Excel Cash Flow sheet Statements integration

d. Click, ok

e. In the open box, click the 2nd “Transfom” from the left to right as arrow point to.

Excel 360 stocks integration

f. Then click “To Table” Convert, the 1st option from the menu below

g. Click ok when the “To Table” box show up

Python integration fmp API

h. Click the upper right icon when the box shows up again:

FmpCloud Excel integration

i. Choose the header, then select “OK”

Stock Chart Fmpcloud integration API

j. Then click “close and load to table” from the box

Excel fmpcloud api

k. The Full content will show into the excel sheet now.